Marketing Plans

At Full Circle Business consulting not only will we create personalized plans for your business, but we will also see it through with you, acting as a partner to help as unforeseen issues come up. Marketing is often times complex and hard to find the best ways to leverage marketing channels, but we will help you through the entire process to ensure what is planned is followed through and successful.

Do you know the best platforms to market on?
Should we use social media, and if so what ones?
Should we pay for ads, and what is best? Google, Facebook, Bing?
What is the real cost for acquiring a customer?

Do you have the answers to these questions? Its ok, most do not. That is the value of a detailed marketing plan. A marketing plan looks at your business, target audience and products to determine how to market, as well as the time and money to invest in each type of marketing.

Business Plans - Full Circle Business Consulting

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