Financial Models

Finances and projections are one of the most stressful parts about a business. It is hard to envision expenses, revenue, and growth. At Full Circle Business Consulting we provide extensive research into your industry to determine this for you. We focus on providing:

Financial Modeling - Full Circle Business Consulting
  • Interactive business models that allow you to change expenses, sales price, sales/growth, and other personalized factors so you can better determine sustainability and financial forecasting
  • Accurate costs for a business in your industry
  • We look at your products and services to determine gross sales and revenue as well as growth short term and long term
  • Research changes that may affect expenses or sales in the future to better understand impact to the business financially
  • Break even analysis and business valuation
  • Assistance in projecting and acquiring funding or loans
  • Best practices and recommendations for reducing expenses, increasing gross profit, or long term financial growth and development


Finances are important to keep a close watch on but many times are confusing or get overlooked when handling the day to day operations which can cause wasted money and a decrease in potential revenue. We will make this simple for you.

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